Red Sun is managed by a small staff of revolving editors and readers. The current editors are:


Ben Richards

Ben is a U.S. Army veteran and Iraq War veteran. He found a paperback of Dean Koontz’s “Hideaway” in one of the many care packages sent to the U.S. troops deployed in Iraq, started reading it, and he’s been hooked on horror, fantasy, and science fiction ever since. His favorite authors are Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Robert A. Heinlein, and Philip K. Dick.

Horror Editor:

Phillip Englund

Phillip has been writing since 2008 and reading for as long as he can remember.  He has a BA in English and lives near Washougal, Washington, dabbling in insomnia and typing out weird, humorous stories when his brain refuses to let him shut down during the long hours between sunset and sunrise.

Fantasy Editor:

Karen Smith

Karen never outgrew a love of all things equine. She lives on a hobby farm not so facetiously called “Karen’s Home for Wayward Animals,” where she lives with her husband, two teenage sons, and menagerie of horses, llamas, alpacas, cats, a rabbit, and one very big, fluffy, white dog. She mentors 4-H members in training and showing llamas and alpacas and writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and fantasy, published under the pseudonym of Holly Bargo, who really did exist. But that’s another horse story.

Science-Fiction Editor:

Judith Field

Judith lives in London. She is the daughter of writers, and learned how to agonize over fiction submissions at her mother’s (and father’s) knee. In 2009, she made a New Year resolution to start writing fiction and get published within the year. Pretty soon she realized how unrealistic that was but, in fact, it sort of worked: she got a slot to write a weekly column in a local paper shortly before Christmas 2009. It ran for a several years. She still writes occasional feature articles for the paper.

Her fiction, mainly speculative, has appeared in a variety of publications, in the USA, UK and Australia. She speaks five languages and can say, “Please publish this story” in all of them.  When not writing she works at the day job, studies for a Masters in English, sings and swims–not always at the same time.

Art Director:

Heng Liu 

Heng is a desktop publishing whiz. He loves working with Photoshop and InDesign CC. Also he loves reading science fiction. One of his favorite authors is Liu Cixin’s, The Three-Body Problem.

Assistant Editors:

Ann Stolinsky: Ann is a Pennsylvania-based word and game expert. She is the founder and owner of Gontza Games, an independent board and card game company, and three of her games are currently in the marketplace: “MINDFIELD, The Game of United States Military Trivia”; “Pass the Grogger!”; and “Christmas Cards.” Check out her website at She is also a partner in Gemini Wordsmiths, a full-service copyediting and content creating company. Visit for more information and testimonials.

Ann reviews books for Amazing Stories Magazine, an online sci-fi magazine which can be found at, and her most recent publishing credit is a poem in the Fall 2015 issue of Space and Time Magazine. She is a graduate of the Bram Stoker award-winning author Jonathan Maberry’s short story writing class.

Evan Knight: A native Midwesterner, Evan currently resides in New York City, where he enjoys finding various scenic areas to jog around and take pictures of. His background in linguistics and education, Evan is a life-long reader who enjoys everything from epic space operas to books about French guys crying over tea cookies.

Estephani Ochoa: Originally from California and Mexico, Estephani Ochoa now resides in Arkansas as the Managing Editor of a University publication.  She enjoys cooking and writing and likes to discover new things that add a variety to her life, even the weird.  One of her favorite authors is Charlaine Harris.



Former Staff members:

These are the amazing people who were once part of Red Sun Magazine and helped it along the way to be the best it can be. We wish them success in all their future endeavors!

Angela Perry, Managing Editor

Sean Hodell, Reader

Joshua Smith, Reader

Morgan Williamson, Reader

Michael McHenry, Managing Editor

Michael Johnson, Assistant Editor

Kelly Schrock, Reader

Diana Robertson, Reader