Interview with artist Elena Betti

Elena’s illustration, “Post Human,” appears in our latest issue, Red Sun #3. She’s a talented artist and we’re very pleased to include her in the #3 line-up.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Italian, I live in a city by the sea with my husband and my son. For many years I worked as a technical and graphic designer. Lately, I fell in love with illustration, so I’m working on it.

Was there an impetus behind your artwork? If so, tell us about it.

I believe that in the future humankind will discover the means of faster than light travel and meet other civilizations, that with technologies unimaginable today. The future man will be different from us, as we are from the people who lived in the year 1000 AD, far before Renaissance, Illuminism, and modern science. I think that some form of technological breakthrough is right around the corner, maybe we will see the very start of such a revolution. Who knows?

There is probably only one good answer to the question–“Why do you create?”–and that is you can’t imagine doing anything else, nor would you want to. Do you agree, disagree? Share with us your thoughts on the matter.

I agree. Sometimes I just feel the need to create something. I start with an idea and if I have no constraints given by a commission, I can find myself far from the initial idea because of the many different choices that could occur in the process. It’s totally instinct-based. Sometimes I just have to stop and let the work rest for a moment, doing other stuff. It’s like breathing, I have to create (inspire) and to shift my attention somewhere else (expire).

Do you have any advice for the slavering hordes of starving, slavering artist slavering out there?

No, I’m still part of the horde.

Use the word “slavering” in a sentence, two if you really need the extra, and feel free to get as wild and creative as you want.

Uhm. Maybe I should spin out a way to create a slavering filter for Photoshop.

Tell us about your current project(s), your plans for the future, and any accepted works or work slated to come out this year.

Well, I’m still pushing my stuff in the market so I’m sitting here drawing at my best and trying to figure out how to improve my style. I have some ongoing graphic-oriented collaboration here in Italy. There are no pre-planned works already slated for this year.


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