Issue 3 roll call

On the Cover:

David undergoes the ‘therapy’ approved by The Rehabilitation Agency in Mitchell Malloy’s gruesomely stunning illustration of “Caroline.”

Red Sun Staff

Interview: Failbetter Games
Interviewed by Michael McHenry

For this issue, we asked the staff at Failbetter Games for a little of their time to talk about the creative process behind their video games, and they gave us a bunch.

A Modern-Day Vampire
Article by Karen M. Smith

There will always be a ghoulish fascination with vampires, werewolves, and zombies because of what they represent—freedom, baby!


The Devil in the Details
Article by Karen M. Smith

How important are the details in a story? And how much detail is important? Our fantasy editor, Karen Smith, weighs in.

I Never Believed in Ghosts, Unless that Thing is One: A Consideration of F. Marion Crawford’s “The Screaming Skull”
Article by Phillip Englund

Step into the frightening mind of our horror editor, Phillip Englund, and learn more than you wanted to know about F. Marion Crawford’s horrific tale, “The Screaming Skull.”

“Glitch,” by N.M. Lombardi
Reviewed by Judith Field

These “stories from the far side of the singularity” were put under the microscope by our ace science fiction editor, Judith Field, and she was very pleased with what she found.

Interior Art

Robot Surgery
Comic by Andrew Muff

Things get surgical when John must eliminate a killer robot on the loose aboard his space ship.

Illustration by Elena Betti

First she called it Post-human, then she called it Future Viking, then she went back to Post-human. Whatever she calls it, we think it’s awesome!

Science Fiction

The Draft Dodgers
Story by Jason Duke

The Novus IX Republic is at war again and every able-bodied adult eligible for the draft must fight—even the pregnant ones. This issue’s featured military sci-fi by a military veteran.

Taddock’s Ride
Story by Michael Nethercott

To survive a suicidal charge, a British cavalryman must follow a mysterious sergeant into a whirlwind of madness.


Wyrd Times
Story by Richard Zwicker

The once great warrior and dragonslayer Wiglaff has survived to lead his exiled people back to their ancestral homeland. But what could be making the powerful nation which drove them out all those years ago leave so abruptly?


The Starlight Circus
Story by Tara Calaby

After an encounter with a creepy clown at the circus, Mikey starts behaving more and more strangely. Can Steve find a way to drive out the increasingly malevolent spirit trying to take over his son’s body before Mikey is lost forever?

Featured story by Aeryn Rudel

Barbara is doing the best she can to cure her husband, David, of a horrifying condition, but in the end, it is the determined love of their young daughter, Caroline, that destroys his humanity.

Interview: Aeryn Rudel
Interviewed by Phillip Englund

One of our favorite authors is back in the spotlight again, and this time, he gets deep into the gritty with Phillip. So deep, you won’t even care about the nitty.




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