The Red Sun is growing again

The Red Sun is growing again.

Issue #3 is coming.

We paused for the holidays and maybe you thought we’d reached the end, exhausted all our fuel, and went supernova? (Although “Neutron Star” has a catchy ring to it, or “Black Hole”. Black Hole Magazine. Was there ever a Black Hole Magazine? Hmm.)

Nope, we just paused.

Now we’re growing again, engulfing the planet Earth in a fiery, hellish inferno, and we’re not talking about the apocalypse currently unraveling around us, we’re talking about scorching you with exciting, action-packed, story-driven science fiction, horror, and fantasy we’re working hard to bring you in our next phase of the Red Giant, otherwise known as issue #3.

So if you have to suffer through the apocalypse anyway, might as well do it entertained, and what better way to be entertained, besides watching the world come apart on the news, than to be entertained by Red Sun Magazine.

But more on that soon, so stay tuned.



Ben Richards

Editor-in-Chief, Red Sun Magazine


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