Red Sun Magazine issue #2

Welcome to our second issue of Red Sun Magazine.

I’m so excited about this issue, I can barely contain myself. The staff has assembled another exciting issue chock full of action-packed science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Once again we got the goods–interviews, articles, fiction, artwork. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll notice #2 is fantasy-packed this issue. The reason being, Fletcher Vredenburgh from Black Gate magazine reviewed issue #1 of Red Sun, as part of his Summer Short Story Roundup series, and although he had some very nice things to say about us, he said that we didn’t satisfy his yen for Sword and Sorcery.

Therefore, we got the guys from The Cromcast to talk to us about all things Robert E. Howard. We also have two excellent fantasy articles written by our Editorial Staff, an S&S whodunit, and two more stories with fantasy elements in them.

We hope we satisfy your yen this time, Fletcher. Same to all the fantasy and S&S lovers out there. Let us know what you think by writing to us at

Ben Richards
Red Sun Magazine


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