A Review Trifecta!

Red Sun Magazine is on a lucky streak. We’ve had a string of positive reviews come out this past week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Also, we’re humbled and honored that our first issue has been so well received by the science-fiction, fantasy, and horror community.

The first is a glowing review from the Planetary Defense Commander himself. His motto is “defending the planet from bad science fiction”, and we’re proud to say, he didn’t have to defend it from us.

Next is another wonderful review from Ricky L. Brown over at Amazing Stories magazine.  Our Assistant Editor, Ann Stolinsky, also works with Amazing, but that was no guarantee they would like our magazine, so needless to say we were ecstatic with the kind things Mr. Brown had to say about us.

And last but not least, hot off the presses just out today, is Cirsova’s review available over on their website, and in it, they really capture what Red Sun is all about–“story-driven and action-packed sci-fi.”

Thank you to all the reviewers for taking the time to review us. We hope you like our second issue better than the first!


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